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Kushrau, Amir

The Goddess
Written by
Amir Khusrau (d. 1325)
Translated by
J. H. Hindley
*supplemented by Iraj Bashiri

O Thou whose face,
With envied grace,
the magi's Gods inflames!
Howe'er my verse
Thy praise rehearse,
Still more thy beauty claims.

Sprightly and gay
As fabled fay
Soft as the roseate leaf!
Say what I will--
Superior still!
Wonderous! beyond belief!

My vagrant eye
Did ne'er descry
A fairer form than thine:
Is it of earth?
Or heavenly birth?
Or Fairy's, half divine?

The world I rov'd,
And frequent lov'd
Those charms which all adore:
Maids who excell'd
I oft beheld--
But thou art something more.

Each soul thy prey,
Each heart thy sway
Avows with mad'ning pain;
Thy magic eyes
Idolatry maintain.

* Than jinis nimbler,
More delicate
Than rose's heart:
My praises
You surpass,
How wonderful thou art!

* Cypress statur'd
Art thou,
My soul's solace and comfort:
Don't abandon me
So abruptly,
And my heart transport.

* Intent to see
The show,
The desert your destination:
Our hearts and
Soul taking,
What custom's this fascination?

* I become you
You become me,
I become the soul, you the heart:
How can they
Now claim,
I am apart, you are apart?

Khoosro, fair maid,
entreats thine aid,
A stranger at the door;
Oh, in God's name,
Regard the claim
Of strangers who implore!


What Station Did I Cross that Night?
Written by
Amir Khusrau (d. 1325)
Translated by
Iraj Bashiri

What station was I at, pray tell me,
The station I think I passed;
Blood sacrifices abounded, I recall
And dance
At the station I crossed
That night.
Who was that Beauty,
The cyprus-statured one, I mean;
The tulip-cheeked ravisher
The Jewel that adorned the station,
And the night?
Rivals attentive, she a coquette
I, a fearful, trembling mute;
Words had turned into stone,
My being entirely afloat.
What was the station I crossed, pray tell me
The station that I crossed
That night?
You crossed the NO PLACE,
Where He holds assembly
Where the Prophet is the Light.
NO PLACE it was , Khusrau,
The station you crossed
That night.